Phone and Hard Drives Dead

I’ve had a few problems with hard drives and phones recently. I contacted the people at for assistance in retrieving the data from some of these devices:

External hard drive (seagate brand) not working when I plug into PC (have tried >1 PC). Lights up and ‘whirrs’ but won’t register device. Can you help?

Appears HDD drive lost power some how, i cant seem to get data, do you guys have a clean room to rebuild HDD`S at all?

Hi, my fiancee and I have not used our Seagate Maxtor BlackArmor external Hard Drive in a while. As a result, we have ended up forgetting the password 🙁 Such a silly thing to do I know, but we are trying to locate a company that may be able to by-pass the user-set password (perhaps with a master password I’ve been reading up about online); in order to allow us to access/ recover our precious data. The most important data on there includes many many years of our photos- starting from the very first day we met. We are finally getting married this year, but we have lost many beautiful memories stuck on this disk. It would mean the world to us if you could recover this data for us. Please e-mail me to let me know if this is possible. Thank you so much.

android phone (LG G3) would only reboot to recovery mode. tried all the options on recovery mode.
possible want to retrieve data even after factory reset?
is it possible to get whatsapp messages without backup after factory reset?

When the hard drive is plugged in it makes a wherring sound, a small bleep is heard and then nothing happens. It sounds like it is spinning. It does not show up on the computer.

I am having problems recovering the data from a hard drive which belongs to a family member. It’s an old IDE drive. At first I thought it was the MBR which had been damaged, but now I think it could be something physical. I cannot event get it to be recognised in the BIOS. What sort of cost would I be looking at to retrieve the remaining data (I estimate 5gb of pics)?

500GB Seagate drive – full of backup files
1. Failed during backup to another 500GB via an Acer Aspre One 532h notebook. Copied across four folders at MB/s then dropped to KB/s then stopped # 2. Not dropped # 3. Spins on start up # 4. Not recognised by BIOS – no drive letter allocated # 5. No error message displayed # 6. Date recovery only attempted using reads.
I think it failed due to a loose Mini USB connection with Acer computer.
Have tried a new case. Winking blue lights indicate that a connection is being made. But no drive letter is assigned. And no folders or files are visible.

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Buffalo and Hard Drive Recovery

The laptop would initially boot up but pop up with a Windows automatic recovery attempt screen.
After a couple of attempt spots at this, the hdd stops being recognised by the bios and would make a light clicking noise.
The drive is a seagate 1tb laptop drive. My problems with data recovery and faulty hard drives got worse so I consulted the hard drive recovery specialists at The Data Clinic

Buffalo external HD 500 S
which is probably a third to half full – all family photos (from when children were born til last year) and documents.
It may have been dropped – its not firing up – I can hear a few clicks and then a beep.
No laptop will recognise it (have tried several and different usb leads and ports).
Can you help to retrieve the data please? or would there be a risk of losing it all if you open the case?
How much would it cost me?

I dropped my Seagate 2T external drive. A few minutes later y plugged it in to my computer, I was able to open it and when through some of files to make sure it was working fine. After that I tried copying a file and it started making a beeping noise, I tried ejecting it but it wouldn’t let me so I unplugged it. I plugged it back in but now my computer won’t recognize it, plus it kept on making that mechanical beeping sound. I will be in London for 3 days and I wanted to know how long it would take for the diagnosis and the recovery/repair. If it’s more than 3 days, do you ship within Europe?
Thanks in advance.

Lost power cord to external hard drive bought in Japan in 2007. Could not find replacement so brought drive to a shop to transfer data to another hard drive but was told that disk is damaged. I spoke to one of your advisors earlier today about an external hard-drive which is failing to mount, and so would like to arrange collection of the drive tomorrow. If you could ring or email back soon that would be great.

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Hard Drive and Phone Q&A

In this post I’ve posted some enquiries submitted to our data recovery team – they make interesting reading and highlight the different scenarios we have that cause us data loss.

Backed my iPhone 6 up before going on holiday, on the last day got slight water damage in the phone and can’t turn it on, lost all my holiday photos and videos and hoping you can recover them

hard drive on fire = lost dataWe have a server which has been infected with a cryptolocker virus. We were in the process of recovering the server using a Volume Shadow Copy when the server removed the Volume Shadow Copy. We are looking to have any files that may have been contained in this VSC prior to the failure


Dropped 1TB external hard drive. Continued to work for a while, then started clicking loudly, and eventually failed (disk not recognised).

I have a very old Sony Ericsson T250i that has bricked. We have retrieved the data from the SIm but we cannot retrieve the contacts and messages saved to the phone. What makes it worse is that a lot of the messages relate to the death of our son so have high personal value. Can you help?

1TB hard drive with corrupted NTFS partition. Can you give me an indication of likely cost of recovering data from this partition please. An email reply is requested.

WD elements 1tb. Wont power on when power cable inserted, light comes on for a second as you insert it. Tried alternative power cable but no joy. Hard drive believe to be damaged. No software recovery has been able to locate and info. Please contact me with regards to my options.

I have a Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD which appears to have failed. The drive had been working perfectly, then shut it down (installed a few updates) and 10 minutes later wouldn’t start again – drive not detected.
I’ve tried the drive in another device but there is no sign of life. I’m hoping that the data is still on there and it’s some sort of controller issue preventing the SSD from starting up.
The drive is also Bitlocker encrypted. I only require a few files off the drive, so if it’s possible it all depends on the cost – whether it’s worthwhile doing.

I have a Samsung s6 phone, and my screen went blank, when I took to a phone repair shop, the owner said the phone screen is fine all that needs doing is to reset the phone which will make all my photos disappear. As it will wipe off all data. Can you get the data off the phone before resetting my phone.

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Hard Disk Recovery Questions

I have 3 hard drives which need recovering.
x2 iMac Hard drives, (1TB & 2TB)
x1 Windows XP (40gb)
Could you provide me with information about how you recover the files? Do you simply repair the hard drives as stated on, or transfer the files on to a new hard drive?

hard drivesMy external hard drive (My Passport) has suddenly stopped working. The computer says that it is unreadable and needs to be formatted. The technician at my work has tried to recover my lost files, however he has had very limited luck. He has tried it using windows and again with a lennox [i think (s)he means Linux] based program (something about a DD system) but it doesn’t appear to have worked. I’m very keen to recover this information as it holds pretty much all of my pictures from the last decade and all of my files for work. Would you please be able to contact me with regards to collection of the hard drive and a quote for repair?

Over night my wd5000aac suddenly failed (get support at The drive is not the system disk.
Initially xp could see the disk and opened the root directory. Attemting to open subdirectories caused lockups and reboots. Occasional pop ups indicated problems writing $mft. I also found system log entry stating that ftsata2 could not be found. I found a copy and installed. Since then bios does not even see disk. Ive disabled ftsata2, no change. Reset bios, no change. Have removed disk and inserted into docking station. Disk spins and i here soft click. To note, 6 months ago i had lots of read errors on this disk
Discovered PCB contacts to drive body tarnished, cleaned, errors gone. Have checked PCB again seems ok, cleaned any way, no change. To end on, i have been scilly enough to remove back as last resort, for a few moments. I would be interested in your views.

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Apple iPhone and iMac File Recovery

In this post I look at some example question from Mac users looking to recover their files from damaged Apple equipment.

Apple logoMy partner got in to a fresh water pool with her iPhone 5 in pocket ! For approx 5 mins before realising , she left it in rice over night and tried to turn in this morning , Apple logo came on and then screen when grey then blue then turned off, we believe we need a phone information recovery service like We are currently on holiday in Greece and fly back today and it has all of our holiday pics on and wondered if this is something you can help with , it’s not the phone we want fixed just the holiday pics if possible

I have a portable hard drive connected to my iMac. the other day I wouldn’t show up so I sent the iMac for a check/repair to the services described at and it came back ok. The problem was the hard drive. it works but it won’t show up on the iMac. canny tell me the price of getting the info off it

Then my iPhone experienced water damage and is not turning on. Would like to recover photos from it.

After that liquid was spilt on macbook. Unable to power up at all. Diagnosis by Apple is that it would be more expensive to repair than buy a new one. My laptop now says “please install operating system“. I dont quite know what happened. I need a full data recovery of my photos music and videos

Do you have a problem like any of these? Just follow the links above for help or contact me direct.

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Latest Q&A

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500Gb installed as 2nd hard drive in a Windows PC.
Cooling fan in power supply failed leading to increased case temperature and possibly incorrect voltages.
Power Supply replaced.
Took longer and longer for files to appear in Windows Explorer. Eventually the hard drive stopped working.
Bought a replacement PC and tried installing the hard drive. It was found by the BIOS at initial boot but failed to be found by Windows.

I have a USB drive that is bent and no longer works. This was achieved by leaving the USB in the computer and the computer falling off the bed, landing on the USB stick. The computer can no longer detect the USB whatsoever. If i sent the USB in to repair, how long would the repair usually take? I really need it repairing by Thursday (20th Oct 2016).

I have 2 WD external drives that are both at least 5 years old.
They are (I think) 1.5 & 2TB in size.
When I connect them to the mac, I can no longer hear them spin up & they do not appear as connected drives.
From this I assume they have both failed.

Drive has stopped responding and cant be seen by the computer. I have also tried it in a USB enclosure and no joy.
Its a 2 TB Seagate drive around 2 years old and has loads of pictures, music, videos and other files on it
Model: ST2000DX001

I own Seagate 3TB drive from airport extreme router.
Disk failed. I opened the drive in clean room and saw that head is bad and need donor or replacement. What’s the price for that service ? Better for me is just to read platters if that’s possible.

I have an issues with a failed hard drive that will no longer spin. It’s a Seagate ‘Laptop Thin SSHD‘ 500GB (PN: 1EJ162-038).
When plugging the drive in it no longer spins up so we’re unable to retrieve anything off it. Do you think you could help? Any idea of the potential cost?

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HDD Problems

Here are some of the problems we’ve been looking at lately in the Risc Group’s data recovery lab.

  • Seagate Momentus 60GB. Tried HDD in several machines, hard drive is requesting to be formatted and cannot be read by windows.
  • WD MyBook Live HDDI have a problem with my external USB hard drive. When I connect to my computer, the external hard drive turns on, but the computer doesn’t recognise it. The problem started when the USB connector got stuck inside the external hard drive. I had to carefully remove it. Then, my cable was broken so I used a different one, but my computer wouldn’t recognise the external hard drive anymore. I think the external hard drive is still functional, but the USB port is damaged. The brand is SAMSUNG. I hope that’s enough information to understand the problem. Thanks for your help in advance.
  • My external hard drive has suffered mechanical failure. It turns on but is no longer recognised by my computer. I have tried new leads and other computers but to no avail. I was wondering if I could get a quote to recover my photographs from this hard drive. It comes up in device manager but not my computer. Is it possible to get a quote?
  • Dropped Western Digital External Hard Drive. Won’t open up on computer but info still says there is data on the disc so hopeful it can be recovered.
  • We have a Toshiba Hard drive. It was dropped and now we can’t access the data. Could you tell me if it might be retrievable, a potential cost and details of what i need to do next.
  • I have a WD My Book Live 1TB network drive that doesn’t seem to boot up (seems bricked). I would to recover the files of it. I tried connecting to the SATA drive contained within it to a SATA dock that i have however that couldn’t read that files. What is the cost to fix the drive? Reading online it seems its a common issue with WD NAS drives.

All these listed hdd problems have one thing in common. The hard drives require the attentions of Risc Group’s data recovery team to rescue the files from the hard drives. The hdd’s with mechanical failure are the most serious and will require clean room, others will be more straightforward to recover.

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Popping Sound from Hard Drive

Hello All – received this hard drive recovery enquiry a few hours ago and thought I’d reprint it here.

“Just wondering – I have a 3TB hard drive that sort of “popped” earlier and now my iMac won’t read it… managed to get it to open on the computer, but all the files have gone, yet the file names are still there… Is this a common thing you may be able to fix/get back?”

Photo of a popped or 'blown' circuit boardA popping noise is a clear indication that the circuit board on the hard drive has blown. This is usually caused by a power spike from the computer’s power supply or a defective component on the hard drive. To repair the hard drive, it’s not a case of just swapping the controller board with one from an identical drive. Modern hard drive controller boards contain a chip that holds the drive’s “adaptive data” – mapping data that is identical to each drive. Sometimes the popping can damage this chip also.

If the data on your hard drive is of no value, the easiest thing to do is to go and buy another hard drive. However if the data on your hard drive needs to be retrieved, don’t take it to a friend or a computer shop because they won’t have a clue about how to handle the adaptive data issue. Also don’t try to fix the problem and this is the job for a proper data recovery specialist who know what they are doing. We have used the recovery services of Data Recovery Tips for several months now and can recommend them to retrieve data from hard drives.

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Recover Data Help

Lately the Risc team of IT specialists have been busy helping the people of Liverpool with their broken hard drives and requests to retrieve their data. When we haven’t been able to fix the faults in house we’ve used the data recovery services of Datlabs a UK hard drive expert company.

Here are some of the enquiries:

  1. I have an external hard disk that is not doing any strange noise but it does not open. I tryed to recover the files using the Get Data Back programme and they were “recover” but not correctly and are not opening. Can you please tell me If you can recover this files and how much would cost?
  2. data recovery from hard driveI have a Samsung M3 USB3 external drive with a broken socket due to forced entry of wrong plug. Is it possible to get this working again? If so how much will it cost? Model: HX-M101TCB/G
  3. 240gb laptop HDD not spinning up, just clicking. Tried in external enclosure but still the same issue.
  4. Im looking for parts to fix my drive. Wonder if you could help! Model: WD20NMVW – 11AV354 S/N: WX61A63P9780 DCM: HBMTJHKB
  5. Hello, my USB hard drive was formatted and wiped of all files some personal and some business. i need to recover image, audio and video files, i have tried software recovery myself however i have repeatedly ran into problems (my girlfriend unplugged it without thinking twice) as it has been a lengthy procedure i was hoping to get professional help rather than hope to be third time lucky. would this be a problem you could help with?
  6. Seagate 3 Tb external HDD. Connected Seagate to incorrect power supply. Will not connect to PC, no light or noise from the drive. No burning or smell evident. Control Board looks ok (no burnt bits).
  7. 32gb SSD suddenly shows up as no media. Need to know the price for recovery.

The Risc team recovered 5 of these jobs and used the services of Datlabs to access the hard drives of the jobs we couldn’t. All in all, a good performance, with all the data from all enquiries retrieved.

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D-Link NAS Data Recovery

D-Link (or D’Link) make a few different types of NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, including the ShareCentre and ShareCentre Pro. Most popular in the D-Link ShareCentre range are the 2 and 4 bay NAS systems – the 2 bay systems use RAID 0 and RAID 1 data storage configurations, whilst the 4 bay D-Link NAS drives will often use RAID 5. The larger D-Link ShareCentre Pro systems are rack servers typically all running RAID 5, aimed at businesses. All D-Link servers are prone to the usual hard disk faults that require a data recovery service to retrieve the data. Manchester’s Data Clinic is the best company we’ve found for D-link data recovery (their main NAS recovery page is here). D-Link NAS hard drives are modern devices can house many Terabytes of data, which is great while they are working normally. Unfortunately, as you may know there are many ways data can be lost from a NAS device, all storage devices are very temperamental, requiring particular care and attention when faulty.

D-link serverCommon D-Link Data Loss Scenarios

  • Clicking / beeping / buzzing hard drives inside the NAS, that can no longer be accessed.
  • The NAS starts to run very slowly – file access takes a long time.
  • Connecting to the NAS is no longer possible.

Data Clinic’s D-Link NAS Data Recovery Services

With a D-Link NAS hard drives it’s imperative to have them repaired correctly when they go wrong. Placing a D-Link NAS in the hands of an unskilled person who ‘knows about IT stuff’ is to be avoided as D-Link NAS repair and data recovery is a highly skilled task. This means avoiding high street PC shops and colleagues who do not have sufficient knowledge or skills of the inner workings of D-Link NAS hard disk equipment. Doing the wrong thing will often lead to irreversible data loss.
Common D-Link NAS Models

For the 2 bay range (DNS-325 Model), it’s possible to store up to 2 TB data. This device includes a USB port and a single gigabit Ethernet connector. You can also implement a RAID 0, RAID 1, Basic RAID or JBOD.

The Pro 5-Bay version is a file sharing beast with 5 full 3.5” available hard drive bays and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, this device offers great read and write speeds.

The DNS-345 (4 bays) supports a lot of RAID configurations, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and RAID 5 with a hot spares. These devices have their own backup utilities, but they aren’t always the best. We have worked with many of the available devices from D-Link and with good experience and knowledge of them, we are able to offer a very good chance of getting your data back (depending on the fault and its severity).

There are also servers that we are confident at working on, including the 12 and 15 bay RackMount servers and iSCSI SANs.

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