Changing Backup Tapes on a Server

changing a backup tapeChanging a backup tape on a server is a bit more involved than changing a cassette tape in your car’s tape player. Although changing tapes sounds like an entirely physical process, there is a software side of it too.

Tapes must be changed every day so that you always have the server’s latest information changes available in case you have to do a restore. This is an activity that will become a constant for you. However a backup tape isn’t going to do you much good if the backup process itself failed or if the data on the tape has become corrupted. You have to check on the status of the previous night’s backup before swapping tapes.

If given the responsibility of changing the backup tape on a server located at one of your company’s branch offices, you’ll need to verify that the backup was successful, report to your supervisor when a backup was not successful, remove and label last night’s tape, and insert a fresh tape for tonight’s backup.

How to Change a Backup Tape on a Server

  1. Sitting at the server’s keyboard, log on to the server as an administrator
  2. Double-click the icon for the server’s backup application on the Desktop
  3. After the program opens, click Backup Schedule in the menu
  4. Double-clcik the data and time link for the last night’s backup
  5. Verfiy that the message shown indicated that the backup was successful
  6. Open the collapsible menu for that backup and verify that all of the selected drives and partitions were successfully backed up and that none were skipped
  7. Close the collapsible menu
  8. Click Return to Menu