Data recovery on Lombard Street

Here a just some of the enquiries received by Data Clinic recently. Data Clinic provide data recovery services across the whole of the UK and overseas.

Data recovery from WD Passport for Mac
I have a ‘WD My Passport for Mac’ which is not mounting anymore. Yesterday morning it was fine but suddenly files started to become glitchy and crash my software. I couldn’t eject the HD as it was saying it was still in use. I force ejected it and since then its only mounted once showing folders that are are now suddenly empty. I couldn’t see photos, videos and music files. Now it doesn’t mount at all, The HD light is on and I can hear the disc spinning. I would be very grateful if you could take a look please. I’m in London and can call into Data Clinic’s data recovery lab on Lombard Street location.

MacBook A1534 Data Recovery
I have a Macbook 12″ Model No A1534. My wife bought it for me (in 2016) and I’ve loved the form factor. But hardware-wise, it’s been a nightmare. Within months of purchase it was twice in for repair. Third time it failed, John Lewis gave me a new unit. Last year, that failed – but just within the warranty, so was repaired free of charge. Recently, the screen began flickering with horizontal lines, sometimes solid broad vertical columns. Now, it is just a blank white screen. Before I take it into Apple for diagnosis – and a repair quote I’m unlikely to say yes to! – I’d liked to try and recover the hard drive to a (bootable, if possible) external hard drive. Beginning of 2019, you successfully recovered my son’s failed hard drive (thank you) – hoping you can repeat your magic.

Damaged iPhone
I damaged my new iphone and started to use my old one (6s) which was working fine until I had to remove the new one from Find My iPhone for insurance purposes. Now the old phone has old podcasts but no contact numbers or apps and I’m hoping to restore to the previous setting.

Sea Water damaged phone
I am looking for a quote to help retrieve the data from my sea water damaged phone. The phone was in sea water for approximately 30 minutes, I attempted to dry the phone out using dry rice for the following 2 days, once the phone had dried, I attempted to power on with and without the power cord. The phone appeared dead.
Could you please inform me if this is something you could potentially help me with and roughly how much would this cost to either restore the phone or retrieve the data on the phone?

Samsung HD recovery
My mother-in-law has a Samsung (1TB) HDD containing personal information on that she needs. Unfortunately it has stopped working.
Issue: when we connect the HDD to a windows Desktop/laptop via the USB cable, you can hear the HDD disks spin really fast but the drive slows up and crashes Windows until the HDD is unplugged.

Is this something that can be resolved, most importantly, getting the data off of the drive.

In all these instances, Data Clinic are able to retrieve the data from this equipment.