Scanning For and Removing Malware

malwareMalicious software, or malware, is more than just viruses, Trojan horses and worms. It also includes keyloggers, spyware, zombies, web browser hijackers, and any other software types that are designed to be installed on your computer without your knowledge and permission. This software is intended to damage or disrupt as many computers as it can access. The process of scanning for and quarantining malware is substantially similar to the process for using an anti virus program. You can use a malware scanner from the same vendor that produces your antivirus solution or you can use a completely different vendor’s product.

Example Scenario

You receive a trouble ticket from a user complaining that the web browser on his laptop is “going crazy”. You discover that the home page for his browser has been mysteriously changed to an adult content web site and the browser resists all efforts to change it back to the corporation’s main web page. Also multiple web browser windows pop up every few seconds without end, filling the screen and making it impossible to work.

More Information

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