Metamask Extension Recovery

I had a computer failure and I need to recover the Metamask chrome extension. I lost my Metamask seed words but I know that the seed words can be recovered from the Metamask vault data. So basically I need to get back my deleted Metamask extension or the lost seed phrase.

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More about the computer failure: My hard drive stopped responding on my iMac (mid 2015, 27 inch , 3TB). I have already taken my Mac to be repaired and they can only replace the drive – they were unable to retrieve any of my files and just gave me a blank look when I started talking about Metamask and browser extensions. I am absolutely gutted as I use it for my cryptocurrency holdings and everything seems lost. I have always cloned the drive daily to an external drive via Superduper but this drive failed a month ago, so I can’t use that to retrieve anything either. Can you let me know if you think it is possible to get my Metamask data back? I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t replace my backup drive and fear I have lost everything. I hope you can help.

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Recovering lost Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets

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In this post we discuss recovering Bitcoin wallets (and other cryptocurrency wallets) from inaccessible hard drives, the enquiries below are courtesy of Recover My Crypto Wallet – a cryptocurrency wallet recovery service.

Recovery Samsung M3 drive – Recover cryptocurrency wallet

I have a Samsung M3 Portable hard drive, which I’ve been using for a few years with no issues – just to back up my computer and store files that I don’t need access everyday. Recently I started a new position which requires me to use multiple softwares at once and I quickly ran out of memory. I used the hard drive to start some Adobe programs for the past two weeks, while I purchase a new computer. This weekend when I connected my hard drive to my computer it stopped working. I can access via Disk Utility and can see that it is recoverable and that the files are still there. There are three folders that have files with a lot of sentimental value and that I would like to recover and I have some Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency that I bought almost 8 years ago on there that is probably worth something now, so I’d like to recover the Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet too please.

Dropped hard drive contains Bitcoin cryptocurrency

I was using my WD External Hard Drive before but I accidentally dropped it and it started beeping over and over again and wouldn’t connect to my MacBook. It has been accidentally dropped a little tiny bit in the past but it’s still continued to work fine regardless. Could you please help me? I have a cryptocurrency wallet stored on the hard drive that contains several Bitcoins that I’d like back. If it can’t be fixed could you please help me save all my data?

MacBook SSD hard drive can’t sign in – needs Bitcoin wallet

I have an issue with my MacBook Pro 2017. It has a 512 GB SSD which has a windows partition of 75GB. The windows partition works fine. I have trouble signing in to the Mac OS partition – after entering the password, it stops loading at 50%. Apple asked me to reinstall Mac OS but that stopped at 50%. I spoke to apple and they diagnosed that the SSD is corrupt and will require a new SSD for around £700. On the windows partition, I am able to see the Macintosh drive and was able to mount it to windows and view all the files on that partition. I’d like this recovered because the hard drive contains a wallet with some stored Bitcoin that I’d like back. I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency but I know there’s a Bitcoin wallet on the hard drive that I’d like to access again.
So the Mac OS partition doesn’t log in or allow me to reinstall the software but I am able to access the files using windows. I’ve managed to copy all the relevant files to an external hard drive.
I was wondering if you would be able to help get the Mac OS partition to work or if you have any suggestions as to how to retrieve that partition and the Bitcoin wallet.

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