Troubleshooting Computer Systems

Computer TroubleshootingNothing will cause your hair to become gray faster than troubleshooting problems. Most textbooks serve up a canned set of problems that you could solve in your sleep. Real world problems are quite different and some of them are unique with no known cause. Nevertheless, when a cry such as “I can’t print!” or “Where are my emails?” rings out, you will be expected to investigate and solve the problem. A typical problem is virus detection and removal.

Scanning And Removing Viruses

Despite the best efforts of network security engineers, occasionally a virus will invade the system and infect at least some of the computers on your network. Although medium and enterprise level antivirus and scanning products have the ability to limit network communications to and from a machine suspected of being compromised, once even one computer has been infected, that PC has to be scanned and the invader isolated.

One major difference between home-based and business-based antivirus systems is that an anti virus gateway scans all traffic coming into and going out og the corporate network, attempting to detect malicious software. Each individual desktop also has the capacity to scan the local system for viruses. Also, although and individual home PC connects to the anti virus vendor’s server to download virus definitions, in a business based system, you will have a server set up to dowmload the definitions and then push them out to all of the desktops.