Donor Parts for Samsung Hard Drive

In this post we look at restoring the information from a Samsung hard drive and locating a spare hard drive for a broken Seagate HDD that needs spare parts in order to repair the drive and rescue the data from it.

Samsung Drive Recovery

A 2Tb Samsung portable drive is spinning up (LED light is turning on) but is no longer being recognised by any computer. The drive did not suffer any obvious direct damage. I have attempted using a different USB cable and re-seating the drive with no success. Most of the data on the drive has been backed up, but some (e.g. original RAW files) is unique to this drive. I am located in Reading and wonder if you could point me in the direction of a data recovery company?

Samsung hard drive’s a very common and there are a lot of spare parts and fixes available for people who need to recover the data from them. In Reading you’ll find Datlabs – they are based in Forbury Square – see their web page here: Give them a call on 0871 977 2999 and ask them to help you.

Looking for Donor Parts

A large part of data recovery is the sourcing and using of ‘donor’ hard drives, the parts from which are used to replace parts in other drives that have become faulty. Specialist companies that sell hard drive donors are Data Clinic and Donordrives. Just Google them if you want more information.

I am looking for a Seagate Desktop HDD 4000GB to use as a donor drive.
The ST number on my drive is ST4000DM001 and the date is: 15304. The PN is: 1FK17N-568 and the SN is W4J0DE01. It is an external hard drive with damaged heads.

Any type of head problem on a drive will require the data recovery company to use and clean room when performing the head change. Work like this is very involved and should only be attempted by skilled data recovery people.