Hard Disk Recovery Questions

I have 3 hard drives which need recovering.
x2 iMac Hard drives, (1TB & 2TB)
x1 Windows XP (40gb)
Could you provide me with information about how you recover the files? Do you simply repair the hard drives as stated on http://www.recover-deleted-data.co.uk/), or transfer the files on to a new hard drive?

hard drivesMy external hard drive (My Passport) has suddenly stopped working. The computer says that it is unreadable and needs to be formatted. The technician at my work has tried to recover my lost files, however he has had very limited luck. He has tried it using windows and again with a lennox [i think (s)he means Linux] based program (something about a DD system) but it doesn’t appear to have worked. I’m very keen to recover this information as it holds pretty much all of my pictures from the last decade and all of my files for work. Would you please be able to contact me with regards to collection of the hard drive and a quote for repair?

Over night my wd5000aac suddenly failed (get support at https://support.wdc.com/. The drive is not the system disk.
Initially xp could see the disk and opened the root directory. Attemting to open subdirectories caused lockups and reboots. Occasional pop ups indicated problems writing $mft. I also found system log entry stating that ftsata2 could not be found. I found a copy and installed. Since then bios does not even see disk. Ive disabled ftsata2, no change. Reset bios, no change. Have removed disk and inserted into docking station. Disk spins and i here soft click. To note, 6 months ago i had lots of read errors on this disk
Discovered PCB contacts to drive body tarnished, cleaned, errors gone. Have checked PCB again seems ok, cleaned any way, no change. To end on, i have been scilly enough to remove back as last resort, for a few moments. I would be interested in your views.