Backing Up Outlook Express

Microsoft Exchange Server logoIn corporate environments that use Microsoft Exchange Server to manage mail, when you backup the Exchange Server, you back up the mail. However if your company is small or administers small branch offices with no connection to the main office’s mail server, it may be necessary to back up mail from individual computers at these offices.

This task is one you should rarely perform in an enterprise working environment, but on the odd occasion when a request such as this comes in, you’ll be glad you know what you’re doing. Here we discuss backing up mail from Outlook Express. OE is not commonly used anymore, at least in a business setting.


Your company has just bought a smaller firm to add that firm’s resources to your orgnaisation’s Property Management division. The recently purchased company has numerous small offices in London and each office has a maximum of 6 users and 6 computers. All the offices run small workgroups and use ¬†local ISP for web and email access.

You have been assigned to one of these offices to backup to email files from the local hard drive of each machine. Most computers use Microsoft Outlook as an email client, but one user is still using Outlook Express.

You travel to the London office taking a large capacity USB drive with you and review the backup procedure you were given.