Popping Sound from Hard Drive

Hello All – received this hard drive recovery enquiry a few hours ago and thought I’d reprint it here.

“Just wondering – I have a 3TB hard drive that sort of “popped” earlier and now my iMac won’t read it… managed to get it to open on the computer, but all the files have gone, yet the file names are still there… Is this a common thing you may be able to fix/get back?”

Photo of a popped or 'blown' circuit boardA popping noise is a clear indication that the circuit board on the hard drive has blown. This is usually caused by a power spike from the computer’s power supply or a defective component on the hard drive. To repair the hard drive, it’s not a case of just swapping the controller board with one from an identical drive. Modern hard drive controller boards contain a chip that holds the drive’s “adaptive data” – mapping data that is identical to each drive. Sometimes the popping can damage this chip also.

If the data on your hard drive is of no value, the easiest thing to do is to go and buy another hard drive. However if the data on your hard drive needs to be retrieved, don’t take it to a friend or a computer shop because they won’t have a clue about how to handle the adaptive data issue. Also don’t try to fix the problem and this is the job for a proper data recovery specialist who know what they are doing. We have used the recovery services of Data Recovery Tips for several months now and can recommend them to retrieve data from hard drives.