Samsung S9 and Nokia E6 Data Recovery, Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery

Samsung S9 Dropped

I dropped my Samsung s9 from a balcony while I was on holiday. The back was smashed and when I got home I took the back off the back and my battery was damaged so I ordered a new battery, but my phone still wouldn’t come on. So I’ve looked around online and found something about chip-off recovery. I managed to get to the internal memory chip but I don’t know how to seperate it from the board. I was going to buy an adapter and do it myself but its going to be to much hassle. How much would it cost to send the chip to you for chip-off data recovery. Data recovery centre at 68 Lombard Street, LondonMy nan recently unexpectedly passed away and like to get everything back even my all my deleted files and message back. I am close to your data recovery location on Lombard Street in London. It would mean alot to get everything back from the phone and retreive all my data.

Nokia E6 data recovery

My Nokia E6 was water damaged about 3 years back. Fixed, hardly worked. But I need photos and videos from the internal memory. Water has obviously got into the phone and damaged it. I tried drying it out but this hasn’t worked. I know there’s a good data recovery place in Bury Manchester at the Pavilions on Bridge Hall Lane

Toshiba hard drive recovery

I have got an old Toshiba 2.5 HDD – 120 GB and now I am not able to extract the data. Most probably the disk is damaged after non-maintenance of several years. There are few GBs of photos in the drive, which I am keen to recover. Just wanted to know how much will be the cost of data recovery? Many thanks. – I am based out of London. So can drop in / email the drive.
Set address failed, error code 43. There is no external damage and hasn’t been moved around much. It isn’t recognised by any of the 4 computers I’ve plugged it into, no event caused this fault, it was just a random occurrence this morning. In Windows computers, the drive is recognised and can be looked into, but no folders in the drive can be clicked and CHKDSK will not run on the drive, without causing file explorer to stop responding and cause Windows to no longer recognise the device. It’s a very small USB device so might be a trouble to open. I am unable to unlock my external hard drive as I cannot remember the password anymore. Is this recoverable?