Metamask Extension Recovery

I had a computer failure and I need to recover the Metamask chrome extension. I lost my Metamask seed words but I know that the seed words can be recovered from the Metamask vault data. So basically I need to get back my deleted Metamask extension or the lost seed phrase.

Metamask logo

More about the computer failure: My hard drive stopped responding on my iMac (mid 2015, 27 inch , 3TB). I have already taken my Mac to be repaired and they can only replace the drive – they were unable to retrieve any of my files and just gave me a blank look when I started talking about Metamask and browser extensions. I am absolutely gutted as I use it for my cryptocurrency holdings and everything seems lost. I have always cloned the drive daily to an external drive via Superduper but this drive failed a month ago, so I can’t use that to retrieve anything either. Can you let me know if you think it is possible to get my Metamask data back? I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t replace my backup drive and fear I have lost everything. I hope you can help.

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