Recovering lost information

We all hate it when we lose data, sometimes we have a backup so it’s ok, other times we don’t and that when the services of a data recover company come in handy. This post is about recovering lost information – otherwise known as data recovery. To find out more about what data recover is and how it works, go to a site like which will give you a good and clear explanation.

Examples of data recovery requirements:

searching for missing filesHard drive will not show up on any computer. It has power when connected via USB data cable and can hear the whirring of the power but still not loading on computer or laptops. Have tried multiple computers.

Issue with my external hard drive. Computer recognises the drive but Will not transfer files. Files disappear. I dropped the drive so I fear this was the issue. Currently no clicking sound.
Can I get a quote for how much this may be to repair?

I shorted my old seagate hard drive by powering it up using a higher voltage ac adapter (my laptop one – stupid I know!). I’ve blown the circuit but the disc seems okay.

External HDD not working:
I-O data Device, Inc.(Japan)
-Model Number
My PC does not recognize the HDD.
Although the power lamp of the device is on so seems the devise itself is not completely broken.
Checked the “Device Manager” but the HDD is not recognized.
I have also changed the USB cable but still get the same result.
I would like to recover the data inside the devise.
I have realized such problem when I try to use it recently first time in few months.

My Seagate hardrive having been dropped on the floor,will now only beep intermittently once connecting to my TV and will not function…it does not show it be recognised by the TV its self and offer a connection option on-screen.

My Computer stopped recognising my 32GB SanDisk Ultra 3.0 USB.. The small blue light still lights up when plugged into the computer but it’s not recognised. I’ve tried plugging it into a different computer and it still can’t recognise the USB. It shows no physical damage, and it’s in good condition. The files inside the USB are very important to me and I’d like to recover them all safely.

Drive fell from desk onto floor whilst in a portable drive caddy. Windows Disk Management now sees it as an Unitialized Drive. Drive does not sound normal spinning up – sounds like the heads are stuck.

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