Troubleshooting Hard Drives

hdd controller board errorAlmost as infuriating as printer problems, hard drive problems can be equally tough to troubleshoot but come with the added difficulty that the hard drive is where the user stores their data. Whilst it’s simple to disconnect and printer and re-install the printer drivers, you can’t be so frivolous with a hard drive as you can easily delete the user’s data and land yourself in a lot of hot water if they can’t get their files back.

As hard drive’s are such a complex issue I’m going to point you towards several blog sites that do a good job of explaining the types of hard drive problems you will find and will also point you in the right direction of how to troubleshoot hard drive problems and faults.

No Technical Knowledge

If you’ve zero or very little practical knowledge of how computer systems work and how hardware fits together then trying to troubleshoot a problem hard drive is not a good idea. This is because of the data held on the hard drive. It’s easy to do the wrong thing when investigating a hard drive fault, after all, troubleshooting is a mix trial and error right? The problem is though that when someone’s data is involved, you can’t afford to make any errors at all. Therefore, a far safer course of action is to follow the hard drive and troubleshooting posts on sites like This site has many many posts about all types of hard drive problem and frequently explains what the causes of the problem are and what you can do about them.

Adequate Technical Knowledge

If you are competent with PCs and know about hardware you can try some basic hard drive repair yourself – remember that hard drives are sensitive devices – handle them with care as the slightest knock can cause a drive to break. When I had to learn about hard drives I got a lot of good information from There’s a whole section on hard drive diagnosis and then once the fault has been identified the site provides guides on how you can recover the data. It also has a ‘difficulty scale’ where repair and recovery is ranked in terms of difficulty.

Hard drives are one of the most complex computer items, if you’re going to fix a hard drive yourself, be careful.