USB Hard Drive is Unrecognisable

“My USB hard drive is unrecognisable and has a slight ticking noise when I plug the USB in… But I need to recover all my files on the hard drive.”
Many people find themselves in this situation and a slight ticking noise on a hard drive is a serious issue. It often implies that your hard drive has a faulty part and needs repair before the data can be retrieved again. This is a specialist job and it’s a good idea to choose carefully, personally I would Google something like ‘data recovery uk reviews’ and do a fair amount of research before choosing which company you want to do the work. Sometimes though a hard drive is just too damaged to be recovered. There is a site actually called that takes you to a company expert in RAID data recovery. RAID data recovery is the top type of recovery service. Used by companies who have broken RAID machines, a RAID specialist will also excel in data recovery services and should be able to deal with the problems of a ticking USB hard drive easily enough. RAID data recovery tends to be pricey so you may want to aim a little lower in your choice of company, rather that choose a RAID service, go for one that handles recovery from ticking noises – try someone like who have several centres in England, Wales and Scotland.